Monday, June 29, 2009

Rare Western Bitters for Sale

At a recent impromptu gathering three western bitters were offered for sale. At left is one of two or three examples known of the ORIZABA BITTERS / J. MARISTANY JR. This bitters has a slightly flared square flange applied collar top in a medium light amber coloration. The bottle is slightly rectangular in shape with a larger neck diameter than normally seen. Asking price was $9K.

Center is one of two or three known examples of the DR. HARVEY'S / BLOOD BITTERS in a medium amber coloration with a square collar applied top. Oval in shape with some slight stippling to the glass surface, the asking price on this was $6200.

At right is an example of the MACK'S SARSAPARILLA BITTERS / MACK & CO / PROP'RS / SAN FRANCISCO. Not as rare as the previous two examples. Rectangular in shape with concave beveled edges with a long tapered collar applied top. Medium light amber in coloration with an asking price of $1100.

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