Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dr. Henley's Tamarack ?

Here's a piece of advertising that Kentucky Gem sent to me by mail. This piece was found in a saloon in Jacksonville Oregon and now resides in a private collection.
Dr. Henley's Tamarack? Anyone know anything about this product?
Tamarack? Tamarack?........ Hmm..... I thought that was a tree that grew up in the high country. Sure would like to own one of these "Gems".


  1. Prob'ly sold in those unembossed "IXLs" we find. No reference to a trademarked embossed bottle.

  2. Tamarack is a sort of late product in the Henley line. It was trademarked by William Henley in 1887.

  3. Thanks Eric,
    I had never heard of this product.

  4. The dating make sense based on the occupancies noted on the Sanborn maps and the info supplied by the building owners. The building was a general store in 1884 - 1888 and was documented as having become a saloon on the 1892 map revision. That narrows the window down considerably.

    The descendent of the saloon owner that I purchased the Meyerfeld & Mitchell / Days of 49 back bar sign (that hung on the back wall of the building located at Oregon and California) stated that his great uncle purchased the saloon around the mid 90's for $1500~, lock stock and barrel (no pun intended) and that he sold it just prior to Oregon going dry in the mid teens. I purchased the Henley's piece from a second party but the provenance is well documented. My guess is that the Henley's Tamarack would date in the early to mid 90's window.

    I now wonder, since the CP railroad had been in service for a number of years and Medford was pretty much the midway point on the line between Portland and S.F., where the product was distributed from and by whom...