Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24th Update

Western Bitters at ebay Auction:
The applied top Yerba Buena bitters offered on ebay, by a noted wine country collector, brought $150 at auctions close.

The indented panel Lash's offered by the Bottle Vault sold for $31. Seems like these Lash's "just don't get any respect".

A real nice and plain (do they come any other way?) Star Kidney & Liver Bitters had 8 bids and finally ended at $53 and a just plain dirt amber Peruvian fetched $58.

Although not a bitters the extremely rare Dr. A.M. Loryea & Co. Unkweed RemedyRheumatic Cure Oregon received 38 bids and closed at $2803 and change. There are possibly only 6 or 7 known examples of the "Unkweed". Blown around 1869 and a deep aqua this super rare Oregon cure is a classic example of early western glass.
Of course, the big news this month is the olive Wonsers that re-located from somewhere in Nevada to southern Oregon. I have probably stared at the picture of this bottle a couple of dozen times and still can't believe what a fantastic color it is. Just a stunning piece of western glass!
The Rumor Mill:
Rumor has it that the Bryant's Stomach Bitters (cone) that was dug in the San Francisco "big dig" and sold at auction, for a record amount, has changed hands.

The Central California collector that purchased the bottle at auction sold it to an unknown party for a reported 6 figure price.
I cannot confirm this information but....., this is the Western Bitters News, and we like to keep fellow collectors abreast of what's happening on the bitters front line.
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  1. well. The respect just went up a wee bit for the Lash's just paid over sixty bucks for a nice tooled top yellow amber paneled one....