Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ads from the Territorial Enterprise

Pictured below are a couple of interesting ads from the Virginia, Nevada, Daily Territorial Enterprise of August 6th 1872. They are especially of interest because they advertise some of the products that came in some of the containers which we know and appreciate.Photobucket
Check out the last sentence in this one. Was Brisacher's store the source of those bottles for the VC surrounds?Photobucket


  1. The ad states that Brisacher was an agent for the Cundurango & Renz bitters. Appears that he was a general agent, or wholesale dealer, for the products. Now sole agency is another story, ain't that so sole agent.........

  2. Very cool ad OC. Brisacher appears to have been a source there in VC. Hard to say if he was the only one or not though... I do doubt he was the only one that supplied all of Nv. w/ Renz's and Cunders.