Saturday, June 20, 2009


How about this Wonsers that was recently dug from a location somewhere in Nevada. To my eyes its about the color of a Spanish olive and hammer whittled. This fanatstic piece of western glass has found a new home on an advanced Oregon collectors shelf.
The proud new owner describes the bottle as " It is pure olive, with some yellow, just a wierd off color, and a forest green top". "There are swirls of red amber spiraling throughout the entire bottle that you can see in the backlighting. Hammered with whittle like I have never seen. Perfectly mint and recently dug."

Two ads were found during the research of this product. The first appearing in the Gilroy Advocate on June 25th, 1870, this advertisement ran for 3 mos. The manufactory and principal depot for the product was No. 645 Third Street San Francisco and was for sale by all druggists, W. M. Hawkins, Agent.

The second ad came from the San Francisco Daily Examiner on December 17th, 1870, this ad ran for 1 month. Principal depot and manufactory, 418 Sacramento St, San Francisco. Wm. Hawkins, Agent.

The Wonsers shortly after being un-earthed


  1. This Wonsers has the look of being the best glass to show up in years. It has every aspect that is desired in crude western glass. It has to be in the top two or three Wonsers, if not the best. Congratulations.

  2. This is a terrific green example, that should make 4 examples in collections currently. Just a spectacular bottle, congrats on the recent acquisition!

  3. Amazing ! Can you post some backlit photos highlighting the swirls ?

  4. Thats one beautiful Wonsers, probably the best one found in a verrrry long time.Andy

  5. I would say this "Wonser's" Is about as GREEN as the one I saw at the "Reno National" that belonged to Richard Siri.The Oregonian got himself a real treasure. I got one,not as GREEN, but lots of Olive from Glassworks Auctions.Showed It to Siri at the York Expo,he said,"You got a hell of a deal"!! How about the almost pure YELLOW one that Bryan Grapentine had that brought $23,000 plus!! Gotta be one of a kind. Wonderful "Wonser's"--Thanks-- Dave Kyle