Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peachridge Glass - New Antique Bottle and Glass Web Site

Welcome to a preview of my new Antique Bottles and Glass web site called Peachridge Glass. Please check it out! It’s real simple.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puffy P - Stop Calling Me !

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Monday, April 11, 2011


Show Hosts Gary & Darla Antone

John Ronald

Got Marbles?

Richard at his table

Sales action

Mike Henness

Pacific Coast Bottle Exchange

Cherry at her table

Dos Amigo's

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another 1860s Western Medicine

Here is another 1860s medicine from Wm. H. Keith in San Francisco. The two main versions of the Keith bottles are a citrate of magnesia type, and this oval medicine shape which comes in at least two sizes. These are usually aqua, and occasionally a greyish tone with an amethyst tint. This example is the most "purple" I have seen. For many years I suspected these were cod liver oil primarily as there are several eastern cod liver oils in this same shape embossed as such. While I am sure these were a "generic" bottle for Keith in the 1860s, the advertisement clearly shows Keith's "Glucolein" cod liver oil. I believe these bottles were eastern blown, but are still crude and early examples of western qwack medicine at it's best!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Early California Medicines

Two of the most historic, and desirable western medicines are the blue Fish's Infallible hair restorative, and the Dr. Parker's Indian Tla-Quillaugh. Both date from the 1863-64 time period, and represent beautiful examples of western glassblowing. The Fish's also comes in an aqua indented panel medicine form, but the beautiful blue "oil can" shape, and the tall cylindrical form of the Dr. Parker's are simply stunning to me. Check out these advertisements which are seldom seen.

The Dr. Parker's are extremely rare, and were actually trademarked in 1864. They are found in shades of puce and green. Interestingly, two other bottles( western bitters) blown in San Francisco at the same time are also found in puce and green. Of course, I am refering to the Salutaris Bitters, and the Wideman / Chappaz. All of these bottles are very tough to find, and for the elaborate advertising used, they all must not have been too successful, or the "recyclers" got them! I would estimate that there are about 6-9 examples of the Dr. Parker's in collections, and most are damaged, and repaired to my knowledge. I do not have an example in my collection, but sure would love to acquire one!

The blue Fish's are a few more in number, but would still be considered rare with about 15 known examples, including a few with condition problems. I only know of one specimen dug in recent years, and that one was found in 2010. Some are deeper blue, and very crude. There were 3 examples dug in Hawaii a few years ago, and these are a lighter shade.

These colorful and rare pieces of western history are rarely offered, and even more rarely dug these days. Maybe 2011 will be the year when more examples are found!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


April 8/9 – Antioch, CA. Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society’s 45th Annual Bottle, Antiques & Collectibles Show and Sale Contra Costa Fairgrounds (Antioch) 1201 W 10th Street, Antioch, CA. Friday Early Buyers ( Noon – 6 pm ) Saturday ( 9 am – 3 pm ) GARY or DARLA ANTONE (925) 373-6758 Email:

See ya there!

A Few More Dug Bottles...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blue Gum Bitters (B.G.B.)

My brother was pretty excited to dig his first Western Bitters! Pretty cool since he really likes Gin bottles too.... What do you get when you mix a BITTERS & a GIN? A "Blue Gum" Grin :)
One must wonder what this Eucalyptus Tree inspired Bitters concoction would have tasted like, right?

Friday, April 1, 2011

What's in the Fridge

Jerry Forbes and I were talking bottles after the Baltimore Show and as usual, we visit in our hotel rooms after the show to pull out our finds. This improvised light box is not a great as Ken's or Bills light boxes but it will do in a fix. Unfortunately Jerry's booty must share space with one of the wives martinis and a slab of steak. PS...don't keep the bottles in the icebox a long time.


Lewis Packing Co.

I will likely get booted from this blog, but I am curious about a food bottle I dug awhile back. This one is embossed "Lewis Packing Co. ( monogram) San Francisco" The top is very delicate, and tooled into a very thin "wax seal" type, and what intrigues me is not only that I have never seen this bottle before ( maybe I just don't hang out where there are millions of them), but the absolutely hammer whittled glass. For a 1890 era bottle, it is extremely whittled. Anyone out there seen one like it? This really is not an "April Fools" post. It is just one of those oddball bottles that I just could not toss back. Thanks, Dale M.