Thursday, July 30, 2015

Downieville Antique Bottle and Collectible Show and Sale

The Downieville Bottle Group is gearing up for the annual show and sale on September 12, 2015.
This year show will feature a display of western blown bottles with the infamous curved R attributed to the glass works located in San Francisco. All categories of bottles will be displayed including bitters, whiskies, medicines and soda's. If you would like to display one of your western curved R bottles please contact me before August 15th to get on the list of displayers.

Your basic western curved R

We will  have the traditional wine tasting and barbeque for the show dealers Friday September 11 starting around 5pm.

We still have some sales tables available but are anticipating another sold out show this year. If you want a sales table you can contact Rick or Cherry, sooner would be better than later.

Dealers can bring in their wares to the School Gym between 2:30 and 5pm on Friday afternoon

See you in Downieville

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More from Reno

These two also changed hands at Reno. Even though it may not be in the high value range with the Wonsers, the little bubbly unembossed Western flask is a dandy!

A Few More Reno Acquisitions

Here's a few more pictures of recent acquisitions from the 2015 Reno Bottle Show.
Beautiful and rare Cutter Star Shield Flask

Nice Light Colored Large Circle Miller's Extra Flask

Stunning Alex Von Humbolt's Stomach Bitters
From the feedback I have received the 2015 Reno Show was a buyers market with dozens of desirable western bottles in several categories at fair prices. Sure wish I could have attended this year's show. Thanks to raptor6604 and westernglassaddict for these fine pictures - rs -

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another Reno Find- Chalmer's

Here is another of my favorite finds from the recent Reno show. This goes nicely with my Catawba Wine Bitters. My good friend DE bought this for me! I love it! If you click on the image, you can see the incredible detail of this piece. DM.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Tumble or Not

Have this Pretty Scarce Jake, a Hostetter's with the Flat Top, a Grayish Color with a Slight Purple Tint, its Stained Pretty Good as the Picture Shows, I Have Never Seen Another One of These Like This One, it Has Rather Flat Embossing. I was Thinking of Maybe Having it Tumbled, But, I am Concerned about Losing the Embossing in the Process. I Consider it a Very Tough Piece.......Any Thoughts on Tumble or No Tumble?

or How Could That Be Done?

Reno 2015 Show Pictures


Thanks to Gloptop for the Show pictures - rs -

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Reno Show Acquisitions


Thanks to DE and DS for the photo's of their recent Reno acquisitions - rs -

A Few Reno Show Finds

Here are a few of my favorite finds from the Reno Show.
The green H. Ficken was a surprise which I quickly snapped up. I was also pleasantly surprised when the wicked lime / yellow green Venard spice came out of a the same box was the blue San Francisco Glass Works soda. All in all it was a fun show, although many friends were not able to attend. DM

Remember to click on the pic to enlarge.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Does anyone have any reports or photos of last weekends Reno Bottle Show. Do to previous commitments I was not able to attend this years show and any information on the show would be appreciated.
Thanks - rs -

Sunday, July 12, 2015


See you all at Reno

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A while back Dale M posted this article on the Star Remedies Company. Just last week another star product, the Van Dykes variant from the Star company sold on ebay. Thought this revised post might be of interest to western collectors. - rs -

For the 30 years that I have collected western medicines, there have been a few mysterious brands which seem to have little or no advertising or evidence to really pin down details of these amazing pieces of glass. The brand names alone are enough to stir interest to collectors, and the rare Trout Oil Liniment with it's embossed carp-like trout is one that has captured my attention. It is one of the very few embossed early western medicines with a picture.

The theories abound on this bottle, and after a lot of searching, there are more pieces added to the puzzle. I found an ad in the Virginia Evening Chronicle dated from August 8th, 13th, and 16th. 1877 which not only identifies the Trout Oil Liniment as being made from Lake Tahoe trout, but also sheds some light on it's cousin..."Remedy #1". The Trout Oil is embossed "Remedy #2", and I always wondered what "Remedy #1" would have been. According to the ad, the "Dr. Van Dyke's Antibilious Cure" is also from the same company, and it so happens to have "Remedy #1" embossed on the front panel. At long last these two bottles can not only be confirmed as 100% western, but that they are connected in a series makes me wonder if there is a "Remedy #3"!


Both of these medicines are extremely rare with about 6-8 Trout Oil Liniment examples known, and one or two Dr. VanDyke's Antibilious Cure's in collections that I know of.It is still unknown as to whether these are a Nevada brand, or California...the ONLY ads I have ever found have been in Virginia City. Nevada papers. I think western medicines are very under-valued at this time, and for pure history, they are tough to beat! If anyone else has information on the "Star Remedies Co.", please share it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Does This Look Familiar

I saw this bottle on ebay the other day and for some reason it sure looks familiar to me but I just can't place where I have seen it before

Here's the link to the bottle on ebay

It is advertised as "western"
But I don't recall ever seeing this bottle in a western collection....... Maybe I am getting it mixed up with the Trout Liniment. Anyone have any info on this bottle?

Click on the pictures to enlarge them - rs -