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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Henry Bowman's Claim of Trade...

...Mark for St. Clair's Bay Laurel Hair Lotion.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crown of Science

... more on the Prof. Tilton's

Here is an ad from the Salt Lake Tribune -  Feb 21, 1875

Utah diggers have found 5 or 6 of these very cool San Francisco hair bottles over the years in and around SLC and in the mining camps.   Another small mining district "Copper Mtn",  right on the Nevada/Utah border has produced 4 additional  intact examples.    One cabin of miners must have had a hair problem...

Shoot-out Update – FOHBC Reno Expo 2012

28 July 2012

A major, Antique Bottle and Glass, judged shoot-out will occur at the FOHBC Reno Expo 2012. The event will be sponsored by a major Auction House (Norman C. Heckler). This will be landmark chance to see many great examples together in one event which rarely happens. A cocktail event will occur simultaneously.

Rules are as follows:

1. All bottles will be displayed at the same time in a secure display showcase.

2. Displayer name will be on a sticker placed on the bottom of displayers bottle(s). Up to two bottles per displayer in each category will be allowed.

3. Bottles must be signed in starting at 5:45 pm. Sign in will finish at 6:30 pm. Judging will be at 7:00 pm.

4. A separate panel of three judges will be used for each of the primary categories.

5. Security will be provided. Only the person who signed the bottle in will be able to remove it from the display area.

6. Winners will receive an award and recognition in Bottles & Extras magazine and on theFOHBC web site.

7. Categories to be displayed and judged.

A. Drakes Plantation Bitters (4 log , 6 log and Arabesque)

B. J H Cutter Whiskey (#43 in Thomas Whiskey Book, Sole Agent, plain reverse)

C. Umbrella Inks (pontiled base, smooth base)

8. The event will be photographed, documented and represented in Bottles and Extrasand the FOHBC web site.

The Shoot will occur on Saturday Evening after the days show. The area will open at 5:45 pm. Tickets will be required. Attendees and Guests automatically include Reno Expo Show Dealers, Displayers, Seminar presenters, FOHBC members from current membership list (join on the spot for admittance) and friends of the Shoot-out Sponsors. Tickets to be provided and will be needed at event room door.

Join the FOHBC

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colored Western Hair Bottles

There are not very many western hair bottles in color. Here are three of the earliest colored examples. The Fish's is well known, and documented as well as quite rare. These date from about 1864. There are no other bottles quite like them in regards to mold type, and they represent western glass history at it's finest.

The Henley's Indian Queen is also quite early and date to the 1869-73 time frame. This product must not have been a big seller as there are less than 10 in collections. They come in both blue and green colorations, and have been found exclusively in Oregon and California. I am not aware of any examples being found in other western states. I have also not seen any advertising for this product.

The Tilton's is a bit later ( mid 1870s) and was put out by Dr. Joseph Tilton of San Francisco. he was "physician" there from 1874 through 1889. The words " Crown of Science" and "The Great Hair Producer" were registered in 1874. These bottles come in both blue, and occasionally aqua. I believe there are about 25-30 in collections, and they have been dug in California and Oregon.

There are a few other western hair bottles in color such as the St.Clair's Hair Lotion, and the Fountain of Youth, which may or may not be western.

Hair bottles are a category of their own, and represent some of the most colorful glass ever blown. There are comparatively few western colored hair's than from other parts of the US. I believe they were blown in brilliant colors to avoid being ingested accidentally.
I want to thank Don Fadely for his exhaustive research and study of these beautiful pieces of history.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Morro Bay, California
Friday & Saturday March 23th & 24th
The San Luis Obispo Bottle Society’s 44th Annual Show and Sale
Friday 1:00 pm to 6: 00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
at the Morro Bay Veterans Hall
209 Surf Street, Morro Bay, California

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just think...

If we could only go back to all of the destinations and dig, dig, dig. Of course, some have been dug, others gone or covered. From the 1853-54 Sacramento City Directory.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Recently acquired this Western med, but know nothing about it. Anyone seen one before or have info on it? One side panel reads: ADA INJECTION The other: N&N CHEM. CO., S.F.  It's a tooled top with 768H on the base.

San Francisco Ink

This is a fantastic picture ink recently dug in the Bay Area. The picture is an eagle's head facing to the left. The embossing looks like a Western font to me. I didn't dig this but am posting a pic with the digger's permission. Embossing "Snow & Roos/eagle/San Francisco"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Joseph Melczer cigarette holder

You'll no doubt recognize the name as a liquor dealer in both SF and LA around the TOC and a few years beyond. This is an unused cigarette holder from the same concern. Pretty uncommon as far as I know. Hate to get off of the snowed in theme of course.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Low Country Digging delayed too.

Welcome to March in J'ville~
This Coming Weekend!
March 9th & 10th,             
Chico, California!

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds
Friday 10 - 7 $5~ admission
Saturday 9 - 4 Free admission
Info; Randy Taylor
High Country Digging Delayed
The road from Yuba Pass to Little Truckee Summit