Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Golden Plantation

 Recently I was going through boxes of bottles which I have taken out of my cabinets until the massive oak tree hanging over my bottle room is eliminated. It is funny how one actually forgets what's in the collection when the glass is boxed up and put away. I do not know how some collectors do this on purpose, but some do. Every once in awhile, it is nice to handle the bottles and rekindle old relationships with them.
 While I am not a whiskey collector...well not REALLY a whiskey collector, I have been fortunate enough to assemble and dig some nice western whiskeys. While I did not dig this one, it was a new discovery a few years ago by a non collector in Nevada. Just tearing down an old shack, and VOILA! Cassin fifth! No problem mon'. Anyway it has never been actually buried and has a strong embossing pattern.

 I am curious as to how many Cassin fifths there with bold embossing. It seems like most I see are pretty washed out in the middle of the pattern.

Anyway, if you like to keep your "good stuff" all boxed up in the dark, I suggest taking them out once in awhile to enjoy. DM

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Countdown to Canyonville
With just a couple of weeks to go 'till the doors open, we figured an update is in order.
The weather has cooled off and we've actually had a day or two of light rain to soften the blow of this summers scorching heat. The air has cleared now that the fires are all but out, and we're enjoying crystal blue skies. The trees are starting to turn and the fall colors should be peaking the weekend of the show.
Things are pretty much status quo with regards to the show. Table sales are close to last year at this time and, as always, there's a few procrastinators that will wait until the last few days to reserve a spot.
We are donating one table to the Federation (FOHBC) to help promote membership. Ferd Meyer, president of the Federation, has indicated that it will be manned for part of the day on Saturday.

I'm attaching a full page copy of the show flyer. Just click on it, and it will open in a new window where you can print it out. If you have time, and are so inclined, burn a few copies and hand them out to junk shops, antique malls, second hand stores and what have you. Every piece of advertising helps! We'll be going online today with a last minute push via Craigslist as well.
One area, which is an ongoing challenge, involves the displays. I'm asking everyone to consider setting up a display. It doesn't need to be elaborate, and I'm doing away with display judging this year to take away the stigma of competition and "winners and losers". Plus, each displayer will receive a $20~ bill as a thank you for their efforts. Feel free to talk up displaying with your fellow collectors as well.
We're going to set up one open display space for Oregon bottles / insulators, and would ask that each collector / dealer bring an item that is either embossed Oregon, or was dug in Oregon, to be set up on a display table. It will be a secure location and each bottle will have an ID sticker affixed to the base identifying the owner.
We've got room for up to another five displays, and it sure would be nice to fill the spaces.

Bruce Silva
Show Chairman
C'ville 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Downieville Antique Bottle and Collectible Show and Sale

Entering Downieville California from Highway 49

Saturday September 12, 2015 brings the 24th annual Downieville Antique Bottle and Collectible Show and Sale. The Show opens at 8:00 am for early lookers with a modest $10 entry fee and open to the general public from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm with FREE admission. The show is located at the Downieville School Gym at the corner of Main and School Streets in the historic section of downtown.

This years show is another sellout with over 50 tables of antique bottles, early glass insulators  gold rush artifacts, saloon collectibles, Yuba River Gold nuggets and jewelry to mention just a few of the unique items that will be offered during the show.

This years display will feature western manufactured glass bottles embossed with the unique curved R associated with the early glasshouses located in San Francisco during the mid to late 1800's.

Western curved R on medicine bottle

Western curved R on whiskey bottle

The Downieville Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will be serving breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages with all the proceeds going to help supply the Fire Department with much needed supplies and equipment.
The Friday night dealers BBQ will include the popular wine tasting event and features a selection of craft beers too. The weather is predicted to be warm during the day and cooling off in the evenings so come prepared for the late summer Sierra temperature swings so common to this time of the year in the mountains.
North Fork of the Yuba River canyon with Saddleback Mountain in the background.
See you in Downieville!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Interesting Post From Bruce Silva

Here's a link to a interesting post on some Goldfield Nevada items over at Bruce Silva's Western Whiskey Gazette ... http://www.westernwhiskeytooltopgazette.com/

Check it out at the Western Whiskey Gazette
and don't forget to throw in your two cents worth!