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R.E. Gogings Sr. & Jr.


                                                         R.E Gogings

                             Sr. & Jr.


Richard E. Gogings Sr. from Maryland, started his drug store in May 1873. He took over the Plaza Drug Store at 262 J street Sacramento, which was owned by H. Bowman. One of the earliest drug stores in Sacramento. R.E Gogings Sr. had worked for Bowman and had made close relationships with their costumers which helped his business grow in popularity. In 1874 the growth of is drug store started to show with the new addition of a second floor which would be occupied by A.B. Nixon MD, a surgeon and physician with the CPRR Hospital. The Plaza Drug Store now owned by Gogings Sr. was a staple drug store in Sacramento through the 1870’s. Unfortunately R.E. Gogings Sr. died Dec. 1, 1880 at the age of 62. His son R.E. Gogings Jr. took over his father’s business in 1881. Now the Gogings Drug Company at 904 J Street still occupying the Plaza Drug Store building. Gogings Jr. having the same name as his father made for an easy transition of ownership and a name that long time costumers would recognize. Gogings Jr. operated the drug store up until 1898. There are no more listings for R.E. Gogings after 1898.

Here is the notice to the public of the new ownership of the Plaza Drug Store, R.E. Gogings and right underneath is his first advertisement. 

 Sacramento Daily Union May 23, 1873



Sacramento Daily Union, June 5, 1873

   Here is the notice to public of the addition to the drug store.

Sacramento Daily Union, Feb. 10, 1874


Placer Herald, Auburn, Cal. May 9, 1874

Sacramento Daily Union, May 17, 1875

Notice of his death, Dec. 1, 1880, Richard E. Gogings age 62

Sacramento Daily Union, Dec. 5, 1880


 Probate notice of Richard E. Gogings Sr. last will and testament. You can see Richard E. Gogings Jr. as one of the executors of the estate.

 Sacramento Daily Union, Dec. 7, 1880


  First ad for R.E. Gogings Jr., showing new address at 904 J Street still at same location as 262 J Street. The addresses changed in the early 1880’s to line up with the numbered cross streets. His drug store being at 9th and J Street.

 Sacramento Daily Union, Dec. 12, 1886


                                                              Sacramento Daily Union, April 8, 1887

                                                            Sacramento Daily Union, July 4, 1898                             

   This is the last advertisement published. There are no ads listed after 1898

 Sacramento Daily Union, July 7, 1898


Bottles produced by R.E. Gogings Sr. from 1873 - 1880

These come in clear, aqua, amber and blue

Bottles produced by R.E. Gogings Jr. from 1880 - 1898