Monday, June 29, 2009

A Color Comparison.

Here is a good example of where a disagreement on what to call these shades of green could occur. I took this photograph with the grass background both in and out of sunlight. As you can see the bottle example on the left is a different shade/tone/hue than the example on the right.

The example on the left is close to the grass color in sunlite areas. The example on the right is close to the grass color in the partially shaded areas. Both examples here could be called grass green by two different collectors and neither would be incorrect.

Now for the important information; both examples of the Lacour's Sarsapariphere Bitters are the scarcer variant 2 mold design. There are 6 distinguishing features that set it apart from variant 1.

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  1. That headless Lacours on the left looks mighty familiar. Could it be the same one I extracted from a late 60s privy two yrs ago??