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                          * OREGON TRADE MARKS*


Just as in the State of California to its south, Oregon adopted a trademark law in the mid-1860s to help protect trade names used by proprietors doing business within the boundaries of the State. It preceded the United States trademark law adopted in 1870 but which had a greater value of providing protection throughout all the states. The documentation below was gathered from the Oregon Secretary of State records about 1975. Since that date, Oregon has posted some of its historical trademark records online ( However, the online records are random and based primarily on visual appeal of the associated documents. The trademarks listed below were selected nearly fifty years ago with the primary consideration of possibly being a bottled product and the historical documentation of those bottles being a primary criterion. This listing terminates in 1903 even though registered Oregon trademarks go well beyond that date.

This trademark list is compiled by the assigned number which is also listed by date. Some of the registrants listed below were located in California but trademarked their products in Oregon as well as California in order to better protect their business from fraudulent competitors.

                                               *******                            *******

004      Clarke, J.E, Portland, OR, “Web Foot Tonic” (no printed matter included)   6  June 1866

005      Murray, J.W., Portland, OR, “Premium Lung & Liver Balsam” and  “Improved Magic Oil” (no printed matter included)  29 Jan 1867 

007      Avery, Wm. C., Salem, OR    “Mrs. L.A. Stipp’s Thoracic Balsam” (top half of label included)                24 Apr 1867

008      Gross, L., Portland, OR, “Henley’s Royal Balsam” (no printed matter included)   9 Dec 1867                                                                                                                          

010      Gross & Co., Portland, OR     “Henley’s Wild Grape Root Bitters"(label and wrapper included)               7 Jun 1868 

019      Loryea, A.M., East Portland, OR, “The South Carolina Preventive”, “The South Carolina Ague Remedy”, “The Unkweed Remedy”, “The Oregon Rheumatic Cure” (No labels submitted. Entry printed on letterhead marked East Portland Bank, Jas B. Stephens – A.M. Loryea) 7 Jun 1868

022      Arctic Root Co., Portland, OR   “Prepared Arctic Root for Making Bitters –A.R.Co.”  (Stained box label included) 28 Aug 1871

023      Brown, G.W., Portland, OR   “Dr. G.W. Brown’s U.S. Oregon Chittum Bitters (includes label)    6 Sep 1871 

024      Rennicks, S.J.,  Portland, OR “Oahu Bitters” (includes a slightly stained label)  21 Oct 1871 

030      Cunningham & Co., Salem, OR “Conquerer” (with a drawing of a standing lion and a shield. No mention of what this company makes)  28 Oct 1874 

031      Staender, Adam, Portland, OR “Adam Staender’s Vegetable Hair Renewer”(includes a trimmed wrapper)  30 Mar 1875 

036      Weatherford & Co., Salem, OR, “Wigandia – Mountain Balm”  (no printed matter included)     1 Dec 1876

045      Pfunder & Co., Wm., Portland, OR   “Oregon Blood Purifier” (label included) 20 May 1876

???       Murray & Co., O.S., Portland, OR “Dr. Crampton’s Web Foot Oil & “Dr. Crampton’s Centennial Bitters” (this trademark was only located in Vol. 1, pg. 46 of the registration books and not in the chronological trademark listings. The printed material is impressive but in poor condition)  1 Sep 1876 

046      Pfunder & Co., Wm., Portland, OR   (picture of a baby) 20 May 1878

049      (Unknown registrant) “Dr. Henley’s Oregon Kidney Tea” (included label appears to have been                removed) 18 Aug 1879                                   

 054      Simmonds, G., S.F., CA., “Nabob Whiskey” (several labels included)  29 Dec 1879 

057      Hodge-Davis & Co., Portland, OR, “Oregon Kidney Tea” (wrapper included and  label included) 18 Feb 1880 

060      Molson & Sons, Portland, OR, “Lager Bier” (label included) 22 Mar 1880 

061      Blumauer & Co., L., Portland, OR, “The Rose Pill” (stained partial label) 5 Apr 1880

???       Feurer, Louis, Portland, OR, “Gambrinus Beer” & “Weiner Export Beer” 12 May 1880

077      Wilmerding & Co., S.F., CA, “Peruvian Bitters” (labels included)  10 Mar 1881

079      Hotaling & Co., S.F., CA, (for whiskey, labels included) 28 Apr 1881

???       Post, E.S., Portland, OR, “American Eagle” (for soda water) 4 Jun 1881

088      Henley, Wm., Portland, OR, “Dr. Henley’s Dandelion Tonic” (labels included 15 Aug 1881

100      Post, E. A., Portland, OR, “Oregon Champagne Cider” (label included from Cottle, Post & Co.)  20 Dec 1881

110      Hankins, John, Portland, OR, “J. Hankin’s Catarrh Remedy” (advertising card included)              18 Apr 1882

111      Braunschwieger & Bumstead, S.F., CA, (Hibernia Stomach Bitters (labels included)                    21 Apr 1882

112      Wilhoit Springs Mineral Water Co., Portland, OR, “Wilhoit Springs Mineral                       Water” (label included)  27 May 1882

???       Meline, Mrs. E, Portland, OR, “The Great Indian Cough & Lung Remedy” (label included)        2 Jan 1886

128      Shannon, Bloomer & Son, E. Portland, OR, “Portland Champagne Cider” (label included)       16 Feb 1883 

134      Henley, Wm., Portland, OR, “Celery, Beef & Iron”, (front and back labels) 12 May 1883

146      McLellan & Druschel, Portland, OR, “Pioneer Champagne Cider & Ginger Ale”,

            (label and description of bottle embossing which includes an anchor) 15 Sep 1883 

152      Northrup & Sturgis, Portland, OR, (transfer of the company’s trademarks on company                              letterhead) 21 Dec 1883

173      Kissler, J.H., Portland, OR, “Oregon & California Indian Kidney & Liver Tea” (label included)              15 Dec 1884

179      C.B. & I. Extract Co., S.F., CA, “Prune Laxative” (labels included)     2 May 1885 

182      Berry, Thomas, Portland, OR, “Berry’s Nourishing Stout” (label included)   2 Oct 1885

183      Hall, Luhrs & Co., Sacramento, CA, “Snowflake Whiskey” (labels included)  6 Oct 1885

191      Griswold, N.W., S.F., CA, “Celery Cough Wafers”. (label included)     7 Jan 1886

195      Irvin, D. B., Corvallis, OR, “Pearl of Beauty”, for freckles, sunburn, etc. (label included)                        7 Apr 1886

216      Jack, James M., Portland, OR, (The letters “CCC” above the letter “M”, all accompanying a                    bust of a man. To be used in connection with proprietary medicine and  particularly a Catarrh                  Cure)  24 Jan 1887 

218      Moore, Case & Co., Corvallis, OR, “Moore’s Hair Invigorator” (top half of label Included)                      12 Apr 1887 

227      Wisdom, W. M., Portland, OR, “Wisdom’s Robertine” (label & letterhead included)                                14 Jan 1888           

238      Venner, J.F., Portland, OR, “Oregon Electric Relief” (no printed matter included)                                      17 Sep 1888

270      Aphro Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “Aphroditine” (label included)     8 Oct 1889

272      Smith, E.W., Portland, OR, (Densodyne” (type of product is not mentioned and no printed                       matter included) 16 Oct 1888 

282       Halleck, W. C., Portland, OR, “Skookum Root Hair Grower”, (label included) 14 Mar 1890 

283        Aphro Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “Faber’s Golden Female Pills” (label included)                                 25 Mar 1890

???        Shasta Mineral Water Co., Sacramento, CA, (labels for mineral water) 16 Oct 1890 

???         Withercombe, Thomas, Farmington, OR, “King of the Valley Liniment” (label included)                          26 Jun 1890

303         Love & Watkins, Portland, OR, “Klink’s Ague Pills” (box label included) 19 Nov 1890 

371        Scott & Gilbert, S.F., CA, “Sassafras Sour” (label included)  8 Feb 1893

 419        Loewe Bros,, S.F., CA, “C.W Stuart’s Extra Kentucky Whiskey” (with O & K                                         Monogram, including a label for “SHM Superior Old Bourbon, Wilmerding & Co.,                                 and a label for “Kellog’s Old Bourbon Whiskey, Wilmerding & Co.) 4 Feb 1895 

???       Blumauer, Phil, Portland, OR, “Barker’s Boro Thymol,” Barker’s Cod Liver Oil” “Barker’s                    Sarsaparilla”, “Barker’s Kola”, and the word “Alpine”            ??????  

478      Coblentz & Levy, Portland, OR, “North Star Old Kentucky Bourbon” (label included                              24 Jul 1897 

???       Coblentz & Levy, Portland, OR, “Black Diamond Whiskey” (label included 24 Aug 1897 

489      Star Medicine Co. (S. Hogeboom, Mrs. M. Hogeboom & E. Weaver, PortlandOR),                              “German Dandelion Bitters” (partially printed label) 4 Nov 1897

490       Star Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “German Dandelion Bitters” (full label                                                 included) 4 Nov 1897

491      Star Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “Dr. Hogeboom’s German Dandelion Bitters”, (appears to be               a back label for the same product) 4 Nov 1897

496      Wyatt & Labbe, Portland, OR, “Kuick Kough Kure” (stencil label included) 26 Nov 1897

546      Blumauer-Frank Drug Co., Portland, OR, “Hood’s Pepsin & Celery Bitters (label included)                    27 Oct 1898 

 594      Viavi Co., The, S.F., CA, “Viavi – Way to Health”, (in a black diamond) 28 Nov 1899 

610      Heath, Mrs. S. Moore, Portland, OR, “Heath’s Magic Enamel Cream” (no label  included)          8 May 1900

620      Fargo Co., E.A., S.F., CA, “Honey Rye Whiskey” (label included)  10 Jul 1900

680      Dolphine Chemical Co., Portland, OR, “Dolphine Dandruff Destroyer” (label included)              25 Mar 1902

688      Cottel Drug Co., Portland, OR, “Kitsap” (for Hair Tonic, Condition Powder,                        Cough Cure, Liniment and Corn Cure. Labels included) 18 Apr 1902

707      Caufield, Dan, Oregon City, OR, “The Woman’s Friend – A Monthly Regulator”                     (no label included) 9 Jul 1902 

764      Yaquis Medicine Co., S.F., CA & Portland, OR, “The Great Yaquis Cough Cure”               (labels, wrapper, and circular included)  7 May 1903

765      Yaquis Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “Snake Oil Liniment” (circular & wrapper) 7 May 1903

766      Yaquis Medicine Co., Portland, OR, “La-Cas-Ka” (for medicine. Label, circular & wrapper                    included) 7 May 1903

779      Hermetic Fruit Jar Co., Portland, OR,. (advertisement only)  21 Jul 1903