Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We have had a stretch of wet weather here in UT. Not much digging going on but things are "green"-ing up nicely.

Comparison of var. 1 and var. 2 Lacours. The var. 2 bottles are a bit shorter.

The easiest way for me to tell is the difference in the top of the shoulder. Var. 1 on the left.

The var. 2 Lacours have a larger dot on the base, Var. 1 not large, even hard to see at times.

I believe Warren is going to go into much more detail on the Lacours variants and colors in his upcoming book. Can't wait!!!


  1. I would love to know the stats on bitters dug in San Francisco (excluding the big-dig). Has anyone tracked them Tom Quinn style ??

  2. Many years ago, I dug an apple green Lacours from a pit that began with 1930s bottles. It had a very obvious, spider-free white potstone on the label side. I have no idea where that bottle now resides, but suspect that Rich Siri may have it in his collection. Several amber examples also came from the 7th and K site where the John Breuner Furniture building was demolished. Unfortunately, we had limited time to dig that site, as construction of the new Downtown Mall proceeded almost immediately. All soil was removed to a depth of 25' and transported to the old City dump site at 28th and C Sts. The old dump was being capped with "clean" spoils in preparation for the future capture of methane gas for power generation.

  3. While the early yellow green Lacours are certainly more appealing, the amber ones are definitely a lot more rare. There are however shades of green like; emerald, 7-UP & turquoise that are even rarer in the known green spectrum these bottles come in. The rarest colors for these bottles that I know of are; clear & puce.

  4. I dug a broken one that was deep teal aqua like the color of a WS Wright soda bottle.
    GP is correct, the ambers are rarer than the greens, especially in the earlier varient molds. As for the greens, grass-green/yellow green color seems to be the most common of the green shades of Lacours

    Some places I know of that have produced shards or whole examples of Lacours are: Sacto, Benicia, Vallejo, Marysville, Knights Landing, Owens Valley, Treasure City, Hamilton.