Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Renz ads

The following ads are from the yeaes 1868 and 1871 Sacramento City Directories. John Renz REAL business was in paints, oils, wall coverings, etc, but he concocted his bitters as a sideline beginning in 1867.

This is the ad that appeared in the 1868 Directory, the first "announcement" of Dr. J. Renz's Herb Bitters, and with the firm of Langley & Crowell as San Francisco Agents. This product's popularity is evidenced by the numbers of bottles found by diggers over the years.Photobucket

Renz's Bitters continued to be sold in cities and towns all over the immediate West. It's quality was proclaimed by the California Agricultural Society by the awarding of a First Premium Gold Medal at the State Fair of 1870. This 1871 Directory ad is emblazoned with the award, and uses this merit to proclaim it's superiority. We collectors do thank the Agricultural Society for making this award, thereby encreasing the sale and usage of Renz's Bitters by consumers.

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