Sunday, June 21, 2009

"A Western Six Pack"

A very nice grouping of "60's" era western glass. In my research of early western made glass, I've been able to document pretty precisely the manufacturing ages of these, with the exception of the E.G. LYONS & CO bottle.
Lacour's Sarsapariphere Bitters marketed and manufactured 1867 - 1869 sold leftover inventory stock to Cassin Bros in 1870.
Cassin's Grape Brandy Bitters marketed and manufactured 1867 - 1868 began marketing their Grape Root Bitters November 1868 and beyond.
Squarza's Hygenic Bitters/Cordials marketed and manufactured 1865-1866 sold out to Cimmino and Bona in early 1867 and moved to his native home.
Simon's Medicated Aromatic Bitters marketed and manufactured 1865 -1866 started in S. F in 1860, no longer listed after 1866.
Rosenbaums Bitters, N.B.Jacobs & Co, San Francisco marketed and manufactured this product 1858 - 1868. Two mold variants made, larger bottle embossed late 1864, eastern in origin, smaller bottle most likely made 1866-1868.
Lyons Manufacturer successor to Crevolin & Co in 1865. Lyons & Co consisting of Jules Hayes at this time. This bottle is known in two mold variants and its date of manufacture is somewhat elusive with no real proof as to how early or late these are made.
There is much more of a story behind these bottles, but that will be told in an upcoming book on early western glass.

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