Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another early square!

Here is another fine example of one of the West's best! A variant 2 ROSENBAUMS BITTERS / N.B. JACOBS & Co / SAN FRANCISCO bitters in a dark root beer color, complete with tilting top! This fine beauty resides in a collection up North. There are approximately 15 known examples of this mold variant extant in western collections presently. Which glassworks manufactured this bottle is not known precisely, but some evidence would suggest that SFGW may have been the maker. Advertising for the Rosenbaums Bitters product while Jacobs marketed it, ended November 1868.

Pictured at right is the almost twin to the Rosenbaums on the left. Well, maybe more like its cousin, it doesn't have the tilting top and the mis-shapen body like the example from "up north". The example at right resides in a gold rush camp in California.

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