Monday, June 8, 2009

Lacour's Bitters Ad

This is from one of my copies of a California small town newspaper, the Red Bluff Sentinel. These little daily and weekly rags were full of interesting product and services ads. I wonder if Lacour's was sold next door at the Oriole Saloon? More likely it was available at Brooks' Pharmacy or Pharmacy Hall, two of RBs earliest drug stores. Check out the notice at the bottom where they let you know that the packages and boxes have a lighthouse on them.

I have dug many dozens of pits in Red Bluff, but can't recall ever seeing any "Lakkers chards". Plenty whiskies, though. A green Keller's was found there some years back.Photobucket


  1. That particular ad format was first used during the 1868 year. It was a common ad placed in many different California papers. It also appeared in an Oregon, Nevada & Idaho paper. Lacour used a lighthouse as his trademark symbol for the wooden crates and label on his bitters product.

  2. OC

    The Lacours product seem to have been most popular in the early "river towns".

  3. Warren,
    Was this ad placed for brand recognition or was a merchant carrying this product in the area that ad was placed in the local paper? I have not seen any merchant names in these ads.

  4. No. This was a typical brand advertisement that showed up in many of the major California newspapers during the 1868 calendar year. The above ad in the post was placed in the Red Bluff Sentinel newspaper on July 25th, 1868 and ran for approximately one year.