Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dr. J.J.McBride


Embossing on Dr. J.J. McBride's King of Pain

WOW! 45,00 bottles - Where are they all hiding?
World's Relief with curved "R's" I can't seem to find any advertisements for Ol' Doc McBride's "Relief" anyone have anything on this product?

Dr. J.J. McBride's King of Pain (left) and World's Relief (right)


Embossing on the "fire aqua" King of Pain with straight leg "R's"
The "King of Pain" could cure anything lickety-split!
Both the King of Pain and the World's Relief have applied tops
Just getting warmed up for the 49er Show this December in Roseville....... We are planning one heck of a display of western medicines - rs -
1875 ad for World's Relief

Saturday, October 26, 2013

More on the Rare Peruvian Bitters

A while back we posted a short piece on the Peruvian Bitters that auctioned on ebay. This particular example is a  rare variant that does not have a monogram on the reverse side of the bottle.

Promotional Advertisement for Peruvian Bitters
 A.L. Bancroft & Co.: Birdseye View of San Francisco – 1880 - The aerial view, a true birds eye looking at San Francisco toward the West from a flying pigeon above, carrying a Peruvian Bitters advertising piece in it’s beak, issued as a color supplement from a San Francisco newspaper supplement.
According to comments that we received from that short post we believe that there are possibly two or three known examples of this bottle. One of these examples changed hands at a bottle show last year. It is not known if this bottle is the same example that sold on ebay recently.

The ebay auctioned Peruvian without the monogram

The second example was unearthed about eight years ago by a prolific San Francisco digger in the San Louis Obispo area.

"I have an example of this variant that I dug in San Luis Obispo about eight years ago. It is the same color as this one"
Numa G

"Western Bitters website notes that there are three known examples. Very possibly this is the first bottle used for this product before any of the distributors had their monogram put on the reverse side".
Bill Ham
"I believe it is the very first variant of this bottle. It is the only one I have ever seen, and if one is going after RARE and not only the beautiful, this example fills the bill. From a foot away, it looks like a $75 Peruvian, but is an important piece of western bitters history."
 Dale M.


Reverse side of the Peruvian without the monogram

Beautiful applied top on the recently auctioned Peruvian


Congratulations to the new owner of this rare Peruvian
Thanks to Peachridge Glass, Bill Ham, Dale M and Numa G for the information and photos - rs -

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tulare Collectible Show & Sale

Tulare Collectible Show & Sale
Friday November 1, 2013 - 9am to 6pm
Dealer setup starts at 7am
Saturday November 2, 2013 - 8am to 2pm
at the Vets Hall 1771 East Tulare Ave
Tulare California
Info: Dave Brown 559 936-7790
See you there!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

C'ville photos

Many thanks to Gloptop (Dennis R.) for answering our request for pictures. Here are some great shots of the show~
This killer sales table arrangement, courtesy of Pete and Shannon Hendricks, caught your eye the instant you waltzed through the entry doors.
Oh, and check out that overhead lighting~

Holy Moly! Would ya look at these IXL's!
Two thumbs up to Dale M. for this incredible rainbow of rarity.

Medina's Medicine Show.
Just unbelievable in terms of variety and rarity.
And what a crowd it drew!

Having "pursued the pickle" for the past forty years, I can say that both my wife and I (as well as everyone else who saw this display), were drooling over this array of killer pieces.
Thanks Mike L.!

An excellent arrangement of beers by Mike R. I loved the verticality and dimension created by the used of period boxes. Another crowd pleaser.
A little quiet time Friday evening during the hospitality hour with  hors d'oeuvres and no host bar, where collectors and dealers relaxed and caught up with one another.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peruvian Bitters on ebay

Interesting Peruvian Bitters just closed on ebay
for a whopping $1,926.00
What was so interesting? It is missing the monogram on the reverse side of the bottle!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Will the REAL Western "R" Please Stand up!

Anonymous says:
"I don't understand the continued discussion of the curved R. Yes there are multiple curved R bottles from different states and even countries, but there is only one WESTERN curved R that is incredibly distinct. The western curved R can't be mistaken ! All these other curved R and not even close."

G R R R R R R R R.....

Boy - this Western "R" thing is starting to become a burr in my chaps 
I just can't seem to figure out what the REAL western "R" looks like, even though, in my bottle collection, I have a couple of dozen western bottles!
So.......... Will the REAL western "R" please stand up!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Once in awhile a new discovery comes along that just gets the bottle collecting community excited! One such example came to my attention over the Jefferson State Antique Bottle and Insulator show weekend in Oregon. Steve Hubbell, an advanced western glass collector shared his new acquisition with a handful of western glass enthusiasts at a gathering at the Mlasko's home. This new find certainly peaked my interest and after seeing the posting on this site, I thought I would interject some addtional information on this product. It is likely that this bottle was manufactured and marketed during a relatively short time frame probably from the inception of a partnership created by M. Frisius and his cousin A. Frisius around March 1858, which resulted in the firm now known as M. Frisius & Co. Below is the copartnership notice.

The M. Frisius & Co imported many products during their tenure together, champagne and various liquors were all imported in bulk. On May 14th, 1858 an article showed that M. Frisius had received through the Customs House 15 pipes of Gin.

The partnership between M. Frisius and A. Frisius lasted three years before ending. It is likely that the bottle in the previous post is a result from this association. Although the company name remained the same, I have found no evidence to indicate the marketing of a gin product during the remaining time that M. Frisius & Co was in business from the date of the partnership dissolution to the end of business in 1862.

Those Darn Curved " R's "

Western, Eastern and English bottles with curved R's
Dr. Henley's OK Bitters with fancy supporting leg curved R's


 Sand's Sarsaparilla circa 1860's curved R's
Canker Syrup with interesting western looking R's
Dr Harvey's Blood Bitters with curved R's almost identical
to the Canker Syrup R's

After talking to several western collectors this past weekend the general consensus seems to be the curved R is a product of several mold makers from the west, east and even England. Not a sure fire way to judge where the bottle was blown or who cut the mold.