Friday, March 26, 2010

Western Soda’s Still Strong at Auction

I have been watching with interest the western soda’s that have been up for auction on eBay the last couple of weeks. Sodas seem to be really hot right now and the prices they are fetching make today’s western soda a seller’s market.

The big dog on eBay’s soda section right now is a three cities Chase & Co. in a nice shade of green. The graphite on the base is a little sparse but with 14 bids and over two days to go it has already reached $650.

Sitting at $410 with over three days to go a GREEN Owen Casey with a smooth base has four bids but, in my opinion will go fairly high before the hammer falls on this auction.

A teal blue colored Lynde & Putnam with an iron/open pontil has nine plus days to auction end and is at $202 but hasn’t met reserve. Nice color and an interesting base just might make this bottle go for a pretty steep price.

Other soda’s on the bay right now include an A.W Cudworth in a dark aqua or teal color, dark cobalt Owen Casey and a rare James Dewar hutch from Elko Nevada.

In the “buy it now”, or as it has been called, “hose me down” category a green Golden Gate soda can be had for $395, an aqua Billing’s for $25 and a Bay City Soda Water for a ridiculous $495. And if that isn’t enough insult to your intelligence this seller will stick you another $18.20 to ship this Bay City to you.

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  1. Someone is totally CLUELESS. Bay Cities are more common than Owen Caseys, with some pits coughing up nearly a hundred of them. MAYBE, one might bring $200 on a good day, but that's still too high.