Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chico Action

The Chico show was incredible this year! I have always looked forward to it as it falls right in "digging season" and frequently, there is an abundance of freshly dug glass, along with some other surprises. Western bitters were very well represented this year with some top examples trading hands, or at least being shown around. There was a beautiful large Rosenbaums in light yellow olive with strong whittle effect. It found a new home with an advanced Western bitters collector from California who was in the right place at the right time. There was also a beautiful yellow green small size Rosenbaums which was shown, but not available for purchase. This collector was able to finally land a mint, and very crude Dr. Miller's Ratafia which will be posted soon. There was a pretty yellow green Renz's Herb Bitters, which I am not aware if it sold , and a goegeous mint A.T. & Co. iin a light yellow olive. These are tough to find in mint condition. A highlight for many was the early San Francisco beer which was on display, but not available for purchase( hence "bottle show"). It was a Jacob Denzler in about mint condition! While not a bitters, it caused quite a stir. Hopefully some photos will be posted of this incredible piece of glass! I did see a few Peruvian Bitters, some nice IXLs including one in a deep turquoise which sold immediately. All in all, it was a great show, with some nice bitters, and some whiskies walking in which were to die for(these will be discussed on the whiskey blog). There is still prime digging time left in the season, so who knows what will show up next!

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