Friday, March 5, 2010

Online Auctions vs Bottle Shows

While browsing an online auction site I noticed this dealer’s description of how he conducts business:

Any questions please ask. These items will be relisted until sold, they are already below what I have paid for them so please do not try to insult me with Dollar Store or FLEA Market Tactics. If you really want it then BID and do not ask me to ship for free. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION I will try to answer all questions and answers as soon as possible. The best time for me is early AM and late PM, this is not a full time job for me If you are interested in large quantities or my entire inventory please ask. I do not have a list. You can email me and make arrangements to see what I have (bring lots of money, big truck and trailer, man power to inventory and load. NO COMPANY AND PERSONAL CHECKS) I state MONEY ORDER ONLY and that means MONEY ORDER ONLY. I do not offer second chance offers, so please do not respond to them. Shipping and handling will be USPS Priority mail it seems there are allot of scammers out there who want to waste time and bidding on an item and refusing to pay shipping GET A LIFE or GET A JOB or GET YOUR OWN ACCOUNT AND SHIP FOR FREE, cause I will not. Honest people will be happy to pay for shipping to ensure they get what they pay for. If you want it insured then ask before you pay, this also includes signature required, otherwise all shipments will be USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. If you purchase more than one item, I will try to combine the S&H and this must be done prior to payment so please email first. I will not ship overseas. Hawaii and Alaska please check shipping costs before bidding and email me prior to bidding (This also includes Puerto Rico and Guam, I never shipped to these areas and do not want to lose money doing it, Thanx for understanding). I only ship on Saturdays, so please be patient. A handling charge is included, this covers packing materials, bubble wrap, tape and labor for my shipper, etc.( Shipper ships items, picks up supplies, travels and stands in line and also packages items again just to explain to those who keep asking, Thanx. If you do not agree to this and would like to list and ship items for me for free then I will wave this otherwise if you bid on this item and know how to read English then I expect you to pay the shipping that is quoted. Returns: I must be notified first, the item must be in the original package and I will return the cost of the item only. Shipping & Handling will not be reimbursed. Or I can exchange for another item. If this item states AS-IS NO REFUND, then it means just that. I will only accept returns that are due to my fault not your understanding of the product, that is why I state ask questions and read the ENTIRE description BEFORE YOU BID. I will only ship to the address listed so if you are using some else’s account , not my problem. These are my items for sale and these are my terms, if you do not agree, DO NOT BID. If I do not receive payment within 10 days then I will send a NON PAYING BIDDER NOTICE and 20 days I will post NEGATIVE FEEDBACK whether you pay late or not pay. NO LAY AWAY, NO GAMES, NO TRADES.

All this for an item starting at $2 with no reserve.....His feedback shows 35 negative transactions (go figure) I can’t wait to buy something from this guy and see how it turns out....... NOT!
Think I'll meander up to the Chico Show on Friday March 12th and do some face to face bottle dealing!


  1. He does make some valid points, but man, what a tactless way to set your policies…and what the heck is Ebay doing allowing him to continue selling with 35 negs?!!!

  2. Yeah! I am suprised that anybody would even bid on his stuff. As for e-bay stopping his action, they are too busy raking in fees to bother about doing much policing of there site. I only bid on bottles from sellers that I have dealt with in the past, or that have 100% feedback. ...E-bay is the new prime example of life here in california during the old bad days of the gold rush when just about anything be alert and aware of who you are buying from.....Andy