Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Dig

Saturday proved to be a lucky day for Mister Mike Lake, of Roseville, CA.
He "harvested" this fine olive green large letter Renz's from the damp confines of a small pit in a nearby valley town. Considering the amount of metal and other rough substances surrounding the bottle, it's amazing that it came out "alive". No issues at all, except the light scuffing that is visible in the photos. A non-survivor was a KILLER example of a flint glass Grimm's Rejuvenator For The Hair that had a wild donut like applied top.


  1. Congrats Mike! Feels good don't it - I'm happy for ya - Chuck.

  2. Great layer shot and find, congrats ! Mucho respect for sharing. What is the rarity of green vs amber curved R Renz's ?


  3. Greens are the scarcest, olive ambers probably seen the most often in the large letter variants. I have dug more green examples of the small letter one than any other shade.

    As far as EXACTLY what the age difference is, I can't really say. Both have been dug in the same pits and close together in the same layer. Maybe the small letter Renz's are late sales, or throwbacks, but it has happened more than one time.

    One early Davis privy held 8 Renz's, most were
    green small letters, but one was the large one.
    Too bad that the block is now completely covered with new buildings, we never had time to do a clean sweep of the project. MANY super nice bitters and whiskeys came from those holes. Oh yeah, the Higgins ink from VC, too.