Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hostetter's Closes on Ebay

Not much to report on the auction scene. Western bitters just seem to be getting harder to find. I was surprised to see a listing on ebay for an early large size Hostetter's up for bid. The bitters listings on ebay lately have been pitiful so this listing caught my attention.
Listed as;
and just loaded with seed bubbles this 31 oz. dark olive square finished at a half a grand. It takes a pretty early and crude Hostetter's to get this old collectors interest up and this particular "Hoss" did just that. This bottle had a lot going for it and, in my opinion, went for a fair price.
Congratulations to the lucky winner!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rick ,
    since I was the lucky winner I thought I would comment. The "Hoss" arrived today and it is a beauty ! Loaded with seed bubbles it passes light easily and really super crude and mint. I am a happy camper !
    martin (eureka!)