Friday, June 23, 2017

From Gary Meyer

Hi Rick
I have never posted anything in my life, and I know it's not a western bottle, but it’s a rare color one and I thought some would like to see.
I recently attended the Reno Bottle Show and while I was sitting at a sales table with a friend of mine I overheard a person taking about a flask they had purchased from a thrift store for $3.25.
I asked what type of flask and he said a nice color scroll flask. Well it's kind of rare to find nice color scroll flask at a western show, so I asked if I could see it.
Well when he unwrapped it I fell in love instantly. It is now in my collection. I have been collecting bottles since 1959 and scrolls for around 10 years and haven't found another this color.
We'll call it yellow topaz with a touch of gasoline.
I have attached a photo, it's the one in the center
Gary Meyer
Fantastic color scroll flask. Glad you sent the picture and info along, we always appreciate beautiful glass! - rs -


  1. You acquired a very special flask Gary, that color is amazing ! Congratulations !

  2. Terrific find! Really accentuates your color run too.

  3. I was fortunate to hold that one and was impressed at the overall quality.

  4. Thanks for buying this Gary - we were so happy to have found it at our old neighborhood thrift store. Looks great in your collection.

    the happy wife ;o)