Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chico Show Pictures

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the annual Bidwell Bottle Club show in Chico. Enjoy!

A nice array of the many different known variants of the Dickey's Pioneer Chemists bottles.

Randy Salmon behind a table of goodies.

A terrific example of the Jacob Denzler quart beer bottle was also brought for show and tell at the Chico show. Three bears a dancin', of course after tasting this concoction.

Barrel bitters bargaining was happening between Ken Edward and Ron Brock while Mike Henness looked on.

A chocolate colored example of the seldom seen Dr. Miller's Ratafia Damiana bottle was recently acquired and displayed briefly for some of the advanced western bottle collectors.

Dale and Dennis hanging out at their table with some bottles for sale. Dale was also accepting consignments for the Oregon Trail Bottles website.

A nice example of the J. Moore, E. Chielovich Sole Agent whiskey was also acquired at the Chico show.

Don Dwyer and his son Donovan. Don put on the extensive display of bottles from Butte county, including Oroville & Chico. The display covered 3 tables! By the way, one of Don's particular interests is Western Bitters!

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