Friday, March 26, 2010

Too Close...

Here are two bitters which were found in the same hole. They are 1860s bottles, and are very close in age...and color! Both are uncleaned, and the closeness in color is pretty amazing to me. That the Hostetters came out this pristine, when other known Eastern made glass was stained, and etched is interesting. The Pittsburgh glasshouses must have used some high quality ingredients to make their glass as did the Western concerns. Almost look like they were made the same day, in the same place. Of course they were not. Right?


  1. Wanna' play what color are those?
    Looks like yellow green to me.

  2. Wow, that is just incredible how close those two bottles are in color. I researched Hostetter's bottles to see if there was any possibility of their bottles being blown by western glassworks. I found none. All the evidence I uncovered pointed to the fact they were manufactured and bottled back east. However you wouldn't be so easily convinced after looking at this pair. Truly beautiful! What a pair, nothing beats natural light for displaying.