Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors is a non-profit organization for collectors of historical bottles and related collectible items. The primary goal of the federation is educational as it relates to the history and manufacture of historical bottles and related artifacts.

Membership is open to any individual, club, group, or organization that has an interest in bottles, flasks, jars, or related items.

Some of the Benefits of Membership in the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC):
A full year subscription to the bi-monthly (6 issues a year) 72-page publication, Bottles and Extras, which is continuously full of specialty articles, regular columns, classified advertising, show reports and a listing of bottle shows nationwide.
Free advertising of "For Sale" items in Bottles and Extras (Restrictions apply - ads may be up to 100 words, items must be of $25.00 or greater value, and free advertisements are limited to the first 100 received, based upon date mailed.)
One free ad of 60 words each year for use for items "Wanted", trade offers, etc.
Advice on publishing your book / manuscript, and a forum for your articles.
The opportunity to obtain discount to be used on "Early Admission" or table rent at the annual Federation shows.
Access to the informational FOHBC Slide Show Presentations.

As a western bottle collector and member of the federation I highly recommend supporting the efforts of this worthwhile organization.

For more information on the federation take a look at their site


  1. Like other westerners, I resisted joining the federation for many years. At first, they came across as elitist snobs who looked down on us lowly "bottle diggers". Over the years, the perception changed and I joined up. You're right, it is a great organization and one that all collectors should take advantage of. Their magazine is worlds ahead of the competition, but isn't published often enough.

  2. In my post I failed to mention that Western collectors are well represented in the federation with President Richard Siri, first vice-president Bob Ferraro, and western region director Bill Ham. All of these folks are working hard to help promote and advance the bottle collecting hobby. Good job guys!