Friday, February 26, 2010

A Renz's Not on Ebay...

I was a bit surprised that the variant 3 Renz's Herb Bitters did not see more interest when it ran on Ebay recently. Western bitters are very desirable, and they are rarely available without some condition issues, and the amber example was problem free. Maybe the color held it back in overal appeal, but it seemed to be pretty affordable at hammer time.

Here is a variant #1 with the small lettering, and in a pretty green color. This one dates to the late 1860s I believe, and has some nice character. These do not seem to come up for sale very often either, and I would be interested to see what a colored example in fine condition would bring if offered (which this one will not), in this economy.

On another note, it seems like there is a bit of hostility, or jealousy, or anger in some posts. I am all for expressing one's views, but the internet allows people to hide their identities at the same time they express occasional negative viewpoints, and even verbally attack, and insult people. I believe that everyone who comments or posts on this site should have their name in the post, or at least register. I appreciate most collectors efforts to offer their knowledge, as well at the countless hours of research to enlighten us about the beautiful glass we love. If posts continue to slam, or insult others, I will just turn to another venue, and not tune in at all. No big loss for most, but I hope there can be a positive energy here.

"Can't we all just get along? :)

Dale Mlasko


  1. Dale;
    This is a brief AMEN to both yours and Ricks comments about, anger, hostility and mudslinging.

    I commend one and all who contribute in a positive manner to this site, as well as the other sites who's sole mission is to share knowledge and enthusiasm with the western collecting fraternity.

    Ill will and negative mindsets find no welcome on this, or any other western, website. I had a professor in college (a long, long time ago) who was a recent refugee from 'Nam. His speaking was tough to understand, but he had a Zen like mentality that transcended the language barrier. One which I fall back on to this day.

    He said, buy cat, buy dog; beat cat, beat dog, but don't beat up on friend or wife. OK, probably not so politically correct in the 21st century, but the message still rings true~

  2. That is a beauty, Dale. It's been a good long while since I pulled a green Renz's from the depths of a privy pit, but there's still hope.

    There will always be malcontents on these sites, but what went on in a previous "discussion" is without excuse. As you well know, jealousy runs rampant among the digging and collecting community, as it always has, and I don't expect things will change for the better any time soon.

    See you in Chico in a few weeks.

  3. I agree that these nic-names should go . It's kind of like a bunch of kids in a secret society except you can't do the secret handshake online .

  4. I'm all for dropping the nic-names, as well! I really enjoy reading all the fantastic and educational material here--it would be nice to place actual names to the sources.

  5. There are two Ixl Henleys bitters bottles on the Bay right now. One is without problems......Andy

  6. Maybe the nicknames have run their course. Initially we all thought it was a good idea or maybe just "fun" to have a name that goes along with our collecting interest. Nothing meant to be very secret about it, in the beginning most every one knew what nickname went to which collector. The readership has grown on the blogs, the "documented followers" have grown to the point where I can only identify about half of the nicknamed followers. The problem with inflammatory comments seems to be with the anonymous commenters.
    Several interactive bottle collecting websites that have been around for awhile have more stringent standards for posting... registering your email, logging in before access.. etc. Seems like a hassle, but maybe they have already been through what we are now dealing with.

  7. "Can't we all just get along". Ah.... famous words by one of our most infamous citizens, after one of the ugliest moments in America's history. Of course, I'm referring to the riots !

  8. cant comment unless i do with anonymous,karl aka old bumstead.