Sunday, December 8, 2013

The "Witch"

Here is a super whittled Bitter Witch. This piece is interesting in it's color variation from yellow green, shading to areas of gold. I have been after this particular piece for 20 years as it was buried in a collection which has not seen the light of day for decades. This past weekend was finally my opportunity to add this crude beauty to my collection!
 At the 49er show in Roseville, Eric McGuire had a spectacular display of western medicines...complete with detailed history of each one! I have never seen a more educational and comprehensive display...ever. I was interested to see his research on the Bitter Witch, and it made this bottle all the more interesting to me. I believe it is highly underrated as it just seems to cross flask, bitters, and medicine categories. I simply appreciate it for all of it's western attributes. Dale M.


  1. From some research I had done, Bitter Witch was first marketed to the public in 1873, it was a product from Perry Pratt, who introduced it in a lengthy article written and placed in the Marysville Daily Appeal newspaper on August 8th, 1873.