Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Beautiful California Clubhouse

Look at the BOLD embossing on this beauty!
I missed the 49er show due to health issues....anyone willing to share some pictures or a show report? It would sure warm this old collector's bones to see what I missed - rs -


  1. Nice Clubhouse. How many Nr. Mint Clubhouses can be accounted for? I've heard 5-7 from most collectors. One long time collector insisted there are many many more that are out there...perhaps unaccounted for in older collections?? I bet Nr. Mint Denzlers are just as rare. Maybe 5???

  2. Is this Clubhouse the recent find ?

  3. The Clubhouse currently under discussion isn't actually a "recent find". It was found in a creek bank in the wine country about two years ago. It's been "marinating" until the owner felt that the time was right to serve it up to the general public. Step right up. For $40K and change, you can be the first kid on the block.................................