Sunday, December 8, 2013

Roseville Find

After a grueling Winter drive home through epic conditions, I thought I would provide a preliminary show report from the 49er show in Roseville. All in all it was a very good event with many collectors/dealers whom I have never seen before as well as old friends. The venue was large and average in lighting. The cold weather did cause the event to be less comfortable than my old bones can handle, especially in the display area. I do not think the record cold temperatures were anticipated when arranging the show many months ago. The main concern I heard was that the fairgrounds were difficult to find, although thousands of Roseville residents apparently find the location every Summer for the fair. I believe the sentiment of Auburn was in the air and likely contributed to the concerns.
 As for glass, this show was excellent! There was a good cross section of whiskeys, bitters, sodas, and medicines...ah the medicines! This year the theme for the display area was western medicines, and boy were there some AMAZING pieces! I will provide a detailed report this week, but I can say that the absolute best of the best was represented. Unfortunately a couple significant displays and displayers could not attend as planned due to medical issues...I hope all is well.
 My finds from the show were a killer whittled light yellow olive Bitter Witch which had been locked in a hidden collection for over 30 years...incredible piece of glass! I also scored an extremely rare "A.Grimm's Rejuvenator  For the Hair, San Francisco" Wow what a bottle! Huge top, crude and mint. I had only seen one other example in all my years collecting western glass. I am very happy to acquire this medicine. I also picked up a forest green Hall's Sarsaparilla which was recently dug, a large size St. Clair's hair Lotion,  a W.S. Wright soda in a deep color, and other various items. Unfortunately the olive variant two Lacour's eluded me as the "walk in" owner was fishing for a record price and as far as I know, nobody was willing to step up and pull the trigger.
 I want to thank Mike McKillop, and Max Bell for working so hard to make this show a successful event.
 Dale M.

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  1. Killer Grimm's! That thing is rarer than a bag of uncooked steaks.