Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OK, here’s a hand held video of the Western Med display at the 2013 Roseville Show. A tripod would have been ideal to keep the panning smoother, especially with my knees knocking in the small freezing display room with no heat (yeah, I’m from So Cal).

The lighting setups were different in each showcase, so it was a challenge for anyone shooting pics to get any sort of consistency. A large set of windows were across the room opposite the displays and coupled with the ceiling lights, there were serious reflections. I eventually caught Eric when he was beginning to dismantle his display. Once he removed the clear acrylic front and turned his lights off I was able to capture his awesome display much better.

As you watch the video, you might want to keep your mouse pointer on the pause button and work your way through a little slower, especially when the information boards are panned at the end. I’m not exactly certain that I know who all the exhibitors were, so I won’t list them for fear I’ll leave someone out. Hopefully the exhibit coordinators can provide a complete list of the contributors. Hope you enjoy the video. – Dwayne



  1. Dwayne,
    Thank you for that video. It was really great to have the ability to read the research done on the medicines. It really makes the bottles quite a bit more interesting!

  2. Exceptional displays
    Thanks for the video Dwayne

  3. Dwayne Thanks for the great video It really makes the display one that can be studied and enjoyed for years. The med displayers were Eric McGuire Dennis Eastly Dale Mlasho dwayne anthony Mark Acarti And George Wagoner. A big thanks to all who contributed. MAX BELL