Monday, December 30, 2013

Teakettle Whiskey on ebay

While looking through bottle listings on ebay this morning I noticed a Teakettle whiskey fifth up for auction. (go HERE to see the listing)

While I was looking at the other pictures posted on the site by the person auctioning the Teakettle the last picture of his/her bottle shelves sure caught my attention:

If my old eyes are not playing tricks on me I count twenty one ( yes, 21 ) Teakettle fifths and one Teacup whiskey fifth on those two shelves.

Impressive? you bet! What puzzles me is why would you auction off one of these Teakettles and leave yourself with only 21 Teakettles left in your collection.


  1. Looks like LS is thinning out the ambers being that he has a dozen in that shade.. Very impressive grouping of Kettles...wonder if anyone has more of these in their collection?
    Happy New Year!

  2. I believe DB has about 13 kettles

  3. Here's his chance to pick up number 14

  4. Is the 6th TK from the right on the second row up for sale ?