Monday, December 9, 2013

A Roseville Aquisition

Hi Rick,
My name is Kelly Porter from Phoenix AZ . I just wanted to share this great bottle I found at the Roseville show the last two hours of the last day. A killer yellow olive circle cutter (the early variant) best possible embossing tons of crudity and mint condition. who says there's nothing good on the second day.
Regards Kelly
Now that's what I'm talking about - Great find Kelly and thanks for sharing it with all of us! - rs - 


  1. Good looking bottle Kelly hope you got a few more to add to your whiskey collection Bill&Bodie

  2. Keep the shows going strong for now ! Will there be any bottle shows in 20 years ??

  3. I'm sure there will still be bottle shows, but I will probably be gone....
    K Porter

  4. Didn't get to see you up there Lance, but got to see some of your great bottles.

  5. I was crushed to miss this year's show due to my wife's miscarriage on our baby #2. But I truly felt like I was there in spirit via my dad and brother; I must've called them a dozen times on Friday and Saturday to work out bottle deals. I was able to add a fairly similar circle Cutter to my collection. Not quite as colorful as the one in the pic, and it's the next newest variant, but one I had dug with the boys about 5 years ago in the bay area. Got it via trade, so didn't have to use the silver pick :) Also picked up an early variant circle Cutter in dark chocolate with olive tone, close to the one pictured on the left. So it was still a productive show for me from afar. I hadn't missed the Auburn show for 10 years. Hopefully another long streak can begin anew starting next year.