Monday, December 9, 2013

More pics from the 2013 Roseville Show. The displays and some dudes enjoying the show.

Western Meds Exhibit Case 1

Western Meds Exhibit Case 2

Western Meds Exhibit Case 3

Western Meds Exhibit Case 4

Wild Slicker Exhibit Part 1

Wild Slicker Exhibit Part 2

Wild Slicker Exhibit Part 3

Final Exhibit
The So Cal Dudes: (L to R) Mike Southworth, Dennis Rogers, Tom Spellman & Dwayne Anthony


  1. Dwayne,
    Thanks for the great pictures - looks like I missed an epic set of displays.

    1. Rick, You and Cherry (and your meds) were sorely missed. Hope you are well mended by now.

  2. Eric's "key" to the numbers in his display outlined detailed history for each medicine represented...Did anyone take a photo of this for reference, or was there a printed version? Dale M.

  3. Dale, I took photos of each group of descriptions and would be happy to email them to you. John O'Neill The history was what made this exhibit great for me.

  4. I actually have all the displays on video, complete with a scanning of the descriptions. I'll post here when I get it edited and uploaded to You Tube.