Thursday, January 27, 2011


And a good goat it is indeed. I've handled a few of the early Western beers and this one is top dog in my book. It's definitely not a dug bottle and just whittled to death. Not only that but the color killer, the strike superb and the condition is unbelievable, it's soooo mint. The original wire bail doesn't even have any rust. The new owner can be quite proud of this spectacular bottle as it comes full circle after being away from home for more than 40 years.
The other shot is of the LP that was visiting here and recently. It went to the finest Western whiskey museum in the world where it rightly belongs. Many thanks to Ken S for allowing all of us to once again view his incredible collection during the Anderson show.
It was great seeing everyone there, I was amazed at the amount of good glass that showed up at this years show.


  1. That's one beautiful beer. Anyone have any information on age, number of examples etc.

  2. I believe that this one in the ONLY problem free example of the two known to exist. The other has nicks and dings, this one is "SPARKLE-ICIOUS".

    John will, hopefully, post information on the history of the Kreiss Brewery in the next few days.