Sunday, January 23, 2011

The black glass Cassins shown was dug by Jim McKenny at Benica Cal in the 1960's .While all the bottles being dug there were always 4+ feet down this bottle was less than 2 feet below the surface . Jim wasn't expecting any bottles at that depth and probed a bruise on it . But still a great bottle and only one of two black glass ones known.


  1. That's interesting. Having grown-up in the Benicia/Vallejo area and spent alot of time at the mudflats as a kid, I had heard of a black Cassin's being found in the mud in the 60s. The way I heard the story, was that the finder's probe went clean thru one side of the bottle. Only heard stories about the find, but I never saw the bottle until in the photo that's posted now.
    I'm still curious if it has a bruise or was there a hole that has been resin repaired ??

    I remember that it was quite a popular story amongst local diggers, because of the combination of the caliber of bottle and the misfortune of the probe strike. It inspired me as a teenager to keep going down to the mud and probe for one ! Although, I never did find anything good down there. I was about 10 yrs too late and it has been slim pickens down there...

    Anyhow, still a great find, and I'm glad to finally get a chance to see a pic of it.

  2. Tom,
    The damage is a corner bruise and a small hole with two cracks radiating from it. The hole has been repaired, and is actually in the corner directly facing the camera in the photo. If you zoom the pic, you can see the repair in the corner at the lower part of the corner of the bottle body, and not the pedestal base. The bottle is still solid, but how unfortunate that it occurred. Dale M.