Saturday, January 15, 2011

Around the Local Net

Late last week my trusty laptop melted down. I’m not talking about it losing all of my information or even catching the flu or a virus, I’m talking a literal meltdown. I was running low on battery and plugged the power cord into the laptop and FLASH! Everything went black.

After a 100 mile round trip to buy this new laptop I started to put my favorites list back together. As I started bookmarking the usual sites that I regularly visit I really started to take a good look at some of the bottle related websites that I quickly scan.

After checking the Western Bitters News for new posts and comments my first stop is the Western Glob top Whiskey site. Usually, with the amount of followers that the site garners, some new comments or posts appear almost daily and, after being offline for a few days, was pleasantly surprised to see the post on the W.S. Wright soda and the museum post.

Old West Bottles has been energized with a western bottle auction, a renewed trading post and 25 new digging pictures. Take a look at the new revitalized Old West Bottles and these great digging pictures.

Our friends “up north” have a couple of good western bottle sites to enjoy and the Western Whiskey Gazette is loaded with information on both tool and globby whiskies.

Looking for a nice western bottle to add to your shelf? Oregon Trail Antique Bottles always has in stock a nice selection of western fifths, flasks, bitters and medicines for your purchasing pleasure.

American Bottle Auctions site has some interesting commentary and plenty of pictures of all types of bottles, bottle people and other related subjects. At present they are advertising a new auction starting this spring. I sure hope Jeff’s planning a ”valley spring” and not a “mountain spring” auction. Spring up here in this high country canyon sometimes doesn’t start until June.

Yep, there’s lots of other bottle related sites, and they pack plenty of information and pictures, but next time you click on one of our “local” sites take a good look around. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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