Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anderson Show

The 2011 Anderson show was once again packed full of quality bottles. I think the time of year this show is held contributes to it's success, and surprisingly great glass! We are in the dead of winter, and collectors are itching to get out digging, and of course attend a show.This year the weather was sunny, and in the 70s, which NEVER happens at this show.

This year, I was able to handle one of the nicest pieces I have ever seen...the famous( but seldom seen) M. Kreiss, Redwood City beer with the embossed goat. What a bottle! Light amber, whittled, and crude...simply spectacular! It changed hands for an undisclosed amount.

I was impressed with the nice Western bitters this year. I was able to add the black Cassin's to my collection which made the show for me. This bottle is well known, and while not mint, is just amazing! I am very grateful to have it on the shelf. I also picked up a very nice, and crude Hierapicra Bitters, in a deeper than usual color, and mint condition. You rarely see these available these days. There was a beautiful "TM" square in light yellow green which went home with a lucky California collector. I saw a pretty Lacour's, ( there were two more making the rounds in a box, but not on a table), Two Wonser's, a nice IXL, an early Renz's Bitters with nice character, TWO green, iron pontil Jockey Club Gins, and a pretty ice blue Walker's VB, some great colored Hostetters rounded out the bitters offerings. The whiskeys available are very noteworthy, and will be posted on the whiskey blog. If you could not make it to Anderson this year, you missed some great glass. This is one show I never miss, and I look forward to next year!


  1. That Cassin's in some bottle. My all-time favorite without question. Just remarkable! I too enjoyed the western bitters collection in a box.

    A lot of great glass changed hands this year, a terrific show indeed.

  2. Does anyone know the provenance on the Cassin's pictured in this post?
    Besides being black-glass, from the photo it almost doesnt look real. Very interesting bottle !

  3. This was my first time to the Anderson show and it was well worth the trip. Nice assortment of western glass, good friends and an all around great time. It may have been the combination of warm weather and all that bottle talk but it sure kicked my digging mode up a few levels!! I look forward to attending again in the future.

    David Storey

    1. Hi David,

      A bottle digger friend of mine is looking to contact you...please email.

      Thank you!

      Chuck Alexander
      Emmett, Idaho

  4. Wonderful bottles. The collection continues to get better and better.

  5. Nice score, Dale. Sadly, "my" labeled Rickity Rackety has now gone into a black hole. We talked of the trade before it happened and I said that it looked like a good deal for both of you.

  6. I believe there is also a mint condition black glass Cassin's that was found in old town Sacto back in the 60s and now resides in a well known Marin Cty collection.