Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Lash from the Past....

The SuperBowl/Decent Hole Sunday Dig....

Story coming soon (sometime later this week, after the repair job is complete)!


  1. J.F.
    Nice finds - Looking forward to the story.
    Looks like you will be pouring some concrete columns along with repairing the slab.
    The things we do for bottles!

  2. Like I have stated before this is the only way some of who are not rich contractors or doctors or lawyers will obtain a several thousand dollar whiskey or bitters bottle. And that is by DIGGING one up. Even after digging lotsa holes that only yield some slicks, I still look forward to that thousand dollar bottle a great colored western whiskey or bitters. And if we have to pour columns and reconstruct concrete slabs, then thats what we will do..Andy

  3. And whats with the having to fill out some dumb blank space with some crazily written letters before i can post??? to prove that i can make out some pretty stupidly written letters......Andy

  4. Nice techno hole JF. I like the clean saw-cut edges on your slab opening ! Not a bad age either for SoCal diggin !
    Keep up the good work

  5. I feel sorry for the young pups of the hobby who are digging. The 70s were easy, huh.

  6. Hey that's a text book techno if I've ever seen one, nice job & a great picture! My 12 pound hammer (Sister Sledge) should take lessons.

  7. Hey JF,
    Very nice technical dig...just curious as to whether this was a "map hole", a GPR locate, "probe through a crack" or a shot in the dark. The concrete appears solid, and still parked on. Your cut appears to be dead center which is great. What was your MO ?

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    My SoCal dig partner, Dave G. is handy with the skill saw and repair work. It was an old house we had always wanted to dig. Map box marked the spot....So it was a simple few drill holes and then using the probes to confirm the existence of the holes' location. Then, demolition time!!!

    Techno jobs are 99% non-ABD which is the big plus side! The down side is the extra 1/2 day of labor and repair costs....oh, and convincing the owner that their concrete garage floor or driveway will be "just fine."