Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amber Renz on Ebay

An example of the third variant of the Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters with the curved R's in an amber coloration realized $373 on ebay last week. One of the few desirable western bitters that has been listed on the bay in the last several months didn't come near what I thought it would bring.

It seems like at the present time listing bottles on ebay is a crap shoot. On any given day the same bottle can bring a different price at auction. Why is this? Heck, if I knew that I could retire a wealthy man.

One thing is for sure, the winning bidder has a very desirable western bitters for a very reasonable price.


  1. Just a wild guess here, but I would suspect that from this sellers point of view, Ring-Ham must be sorely out of date. As it lists this same bitters with no damage as $300.00 plus. Hope this price info doesnt upset all those criers out there beatin on the dont quote bottle prices drums......

  2. Renz's are common enough to remain in the "reasonable" price category, with $400 not out of the ordinary. I have dug a few in the past recent years, with none going for more than $700. Greens, of course, are an entirely different story. Expect the asking to triple, or more, for a mint bright green example.

  3. OMG, why did you mention a value in this article. The evil sin for diggers who want someting for nothing. Are you kissing and telling now???

  4. Enough from this jackass. Something for nothing, you have obviously never dug a day in your life. Grow a pair of balls and go dig something GOOD yourself and then come bitch about earning something for nothing. You have no idea the effort it takes to unearth quality glass.

  5. gettin uglyfolks but I have to agree with the diggers on this one. diggin bottles is one of the hardest things in the way of labor, time to research, and travel much less knockin on doors to get permission, it is hardly gettin somethin for nuthin!! If you dont believe me just go out and dig a hole three feet square by ten feet deep and prop up the sides, bucket out all those fifty pound bucket loads, and that isnt a big privy hole by any means either. and then come back here and say stupid stuff like something for nothing..........Andy

  6. I guess this post hit a nerve. I didn’t realize how passionate some of you feel about this.

    One thing I would like to mention is I can change the settings on this blog so that you have to become a follower before you can post a comment.

    I don’t believe in limiting a person’s right to speak his mind or say what he feels and that’s the reason this blog is set up so anyone can post a comment. As a matter of fact I really like that this site is interactive and anyone can say what he feels..

    But...If you folks are going to hide behind an Anonymous tree and keep taking potshots at each other then we just might have to make some changes to this blog. I don’t want to do that!

    And by the way, two of you Anonymous guys owe some money to the cuss box.

  7. I am a follower, but my posts dont come up unless I use the anonymous lable , and then fill out the blank space where you have to decipher the stoopid letters.Thats why I sign my anonymous posts Andy, And I dont swear or attack people here either....Andy

  8. for all the years of digging i have done,it's the thrill of finding ,digging the bottles and other stuff along with them and the history behind them. i enjoy local western bottles more, but finding something i collect is a added bonus.some of us dig,some buy,i used to give away lots of the stuff we dug if it wasn't a whiskey but now it's hard to find anything so it's all more valuable now,but still if i dont want it someone will.i used to pay alot more to get the rare stuff,something for everyone,it's all good.karl aka old bumstead,i have dug some good bottles and still work hard to find more so this site and others is to enjoy the hobby and collecting of antique bottles and related things.