Sunday, February 14, 2010

Any reports from Vegas?


  1. Rick, just got back in from 'Vegas, and a little poking around. Las Vegas show was the usual... some bottles, more swap meet stuff than should be allowed. Had a very enjoyable evening viewing the Bob F. collection.
    I guess I should mention the western square that was brought in and sold to Calif. collector. A yellow-green Dr. Boarhaave's!! Whittled, squashed, super crude top. It is so far superior to any other Boarhaave's I have seen ... not even close!!
    We'll let him "tell" when he is ready.

  2. I saw a few overpriced IXL Bitters in very pale and plain aqua tones. Most were polished and had little character $125-$350 range for the more common variants, a CALIFORNIA Variant for $550 I believe...I didn't see any change hands.

    One Red-Amber indented panel Lash's Bitters w/ minor damage issue, seemed very steep at $325 (even if it had been mint)! Didn't see it move...

    Two Honey-colored AT Peruvian Bitters. Each had small damage issues (chipping on base w/ small check, the other with a small buffed chip on base edge). I didn't notice them sell (but I believe they carried price tags of $125/$80 respectively).

    Some nice Hostetter's Bitters showed up....there were an army of amber shades to choose from (most were in the $10-$20 range), a few yellows, a couple olive-ambers, a few black glass, and a yellow green colored one. I didn't happen to see many of them disappear...

    A few nice-colored Udolphowolfe's Schnapps were present at the show. The 8.5" AT Aqua example w/ graphite pontil didn't sell, but with a $725 price tag it wasn't even worth making a super-lowball offer. Also a
    9.5"-10" Copper-Yellow one priced around $125, which seemed fairly reasonable for a pretty tough color.

    With the exception of the insane Boerhaave's it seemed to be a pretty week show for the Western bitters. Then again, I'm sure there were some "early dealer" deals, some early bird disappearing acts, and possibly a few hotel-room good buddy deals that went unnoticed....until the next show...

    All for now,


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  4. I almost forgot....

    A Bryant's Ladies Leg SOLD Day 1 for what seemed to be a bargain of a price (if it was in Nr. Mint+ condition).... It was supposedly one of the one's with the "South American Connection." One person told me it was in good shape....Can anyone else out there verify if this is all correct???