Friday, March 20, 2015

From Dale and Barbara Santos

Hi Rick,
hope you and Cherry are doing well. I wanted to share with you a photo of a very unique demijohn that I acquired, I believe it is of Western origin, orange amber in color,18 plus inches in height,

it has air vent bumps on the base and sides ( dimples ) and a seal ! The seal appears to have an image of the
American Flag, it is embossed R & D and under that it looks like it says March, wanted to share it with you,
kind regards, Dale and Barbara Santos
 Dale and Barbara collect demijohns and early American flasks and it is always nice to hear from them and post their new finds. I can't recall ever seeing a demijohn with a seal on the top
- rs -


  1. That is definitely an interesting demi! I am curious to know the indicators identifying it as western. The "flag" seal is super unusual being on the top. DM

  2. The color, shape and the large dimples , bumps ( air vents ) are an indication. These features are not found on European Demijohns. Eastern Demijohns on occasion have dimples, bumps ( air vents ) but they are much smaller. I have shown this Demijohn to the top collectors in America : New England, MI, DE, FL, as well it has been shown to long time European Glass collectors, none have ever seen a Demijohn like this. The air vents ( bumps, dimples ) were used on some Jessie Moore Whiskeys and also on some of the Peruvian Bitters. The color of this Demijohn matches up quite close to some Peruvian Bitters I have seen. I also have another 20 inch in height Demijohns in this color and with the bumps, dimples ( air vents ) the shape of it and the top are the same as boxed western Demijohns I have seen.

  3. Thanks Dale,
    I will keep my eyes peeled for these...I appreciate the knowledge.
    Dale M.

  4. Your very welcome Dale M , please keep me posted as to what you find :)