Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Western flasks

Here are two recently dug western flasks that came out of the same pit. As you can see both flasks are from the same mold but have different top treatments.

The flask on the left has a double roll collar and the example on the right a single roll collar
Both flasks came out of the same glass house but may have been finished by different workmen.
Even though the top treatments are interesting what really caught my eye were the bases of the flasks
Yep....they both have the "western" star and both flasks do have some ground stain.
Sparkling out of the ground western glass....Nope!
Western blown....Yep!
Anyone out there have any star base flasks?

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  1. Western glass comes out of the ground clean depending on the location and the soil. I have had a few western pieces cleaned recently as they had stubborn stain, and I have dug eastern glass in sparkling condition too. Also, the star base western flasks seem to come in super colors like lime green where their embossed counterparts do not. Not sure why the embossed western flasks almost never come in green but perhaps the star base versions were generic cheap unembossed containers. I have not seen a western embossed flask with the "star" on the base...only the "X" on the base of the Fleckenstein Mayer.