Monday, March 23, 2015

Yummy Medicine

 I am sure every collector has paused at some of the wild names early patent medicines used to lure the sick in to purchasing their products. King of Pain, Last Chance Liniment, Oil of Gladness, Royal Balsam, Blood Purifier, etc...the list of crazy brands is endless. Here is one fresh from the ground that takes the cake in my opinion. "Essence of Pancreas"???? Really? I would much rather consume essence of Jamaica Ginger any day! This is an 1880s medicine that I have never seen before. I understand it was from New York and I would be surprised if anyone was attracted to it's delicious name. My wife is trying to get me to take omega fish oil every day and it is disgusting. Better than this however.

 How about posting your most wild named patent medicine? I see that there are virtually no active posters lately but it would be fun to see some other crazy meds. DM


  1. Volcanic Oil; Amygdaline; Ligneous Extract; Hoarhound and Elecampane; Fluid Extract of Manzanita; Dysentery and Diarrhoe Cordial; Ague King; Blood & Liver Syrup; For Man and Beast

  2. Make mine a shot of Dr. Millers Ratafia Damiana.

    All the "upside" of the 'little blue pill', plus a shot of 100 proof bourbon, in one slug.