Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Ferro Quina Bitters Surfaces

As you would expect after a Ferro Quina Bitters sold on ebay for over 2K up jumps another.
This new example has a "buy it now" option for over 2K
Hmm.... Don't think I will be the one throwing 2500 at a cracked bottle

Post script to this post...The buy it now price on this bottle was lowered several times from the original asking price down to 1250. Later the same day the auction was ended without any info on why. I don't know if the bottle was purchased or the seller just pulled the listing after receiving several emails from some prominent western collectors straightening him out of the value of damaged bottles. Your guess is as good as mine...........

Post Post Script.......Looks like this bottle is back online for a buy it now price. The listing is HERE


  1. One interesting thing about a bottle bringing a record price at auction or ebay is that another example is bound to follow. Funny how a $2500 hammer price on a near mint example of this rare bitters would be the starting point for a cracked example. As rare as it is, damage will severely impact the value...my rule of thumb is a damaged example is worth 10%-30% of a mint bottle. Will see on this one, but I doubt it will sell for more than $250 with a one inch whack. DM.

  2. What if you have a Ferro quina bottle full???

  3. I have one still full and can't figure out how to get an appraisal