Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another Recent Find


Here's a couple of pictures of a recent find from an anonymous email I received this morning. Is that what I think it is?

Yep, it sure is! A crown shoulder J.H. Cutter fifth!
Super find from a Top Secret Digger. Love these anonymous emails with your recent finds. Keep digging! - rs -

WHOA!.............Make that two Crown Shoulder Cutter's in this pit.... DOUBLE the fun!


  1. I guess now we know where Michael Jackson is and what he is doing ,it would be nice to see that bottle washed and backlit.

  2. Killer dig! How many known E Martin shoulder crown 5ths of this variant does this make ?

  3. Andrew, I would estimate there are now about 35 of the E.Martin shoulder crowns with the circle embossed on the reverse, and maybe 10-12 without the circle. That puts the count at about the same as a J, Moore Chielovich...Just enough for anyone with persistence to acquire an example, and enough to have some killer examples in the mix. As you well know, digging a decent bourbon yourself is priceless...It sure does not happen very often for me.

    1. sure was fun digging one a long time ago,dark almost black.....