Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Earliest Western Blown Medicines

Dr. Adolphus Anti Rheumatic Cordial
In the continuing series of the earliest western blown medicines its time to explore the Dr. Adolphus Anti Rheumatic Cordial. From what little information I was able to obtain it appears the Adolphus bottle was marketed in 1860 and the bottle blown at the San Francisco Glass Works. Adolphus and Jungerman claimed to be the manufacturers of the Anti Rheumatic Cordial along with a product called Dr. Adolphus' Health Resorative.
Adolphus advertisement from the Sacramento Daily Union October 1860 -as you can see Justin Gates and C.P. Morrill of later day Viriginia City fame sold the Adolphus product
The anti rheumatic cordial was advertised to cure not only Rheumatism but darn near everything from Gout to diseases associated with houses of ill repute. The Health Restorative was advertised to help with the pain of rheumatism. It is not clear if the two products were one in the same or two seperate bottled medicines. 
Dr. Adolphus advertisement for the health resorative taken from the Golden Era newspaper April 1860
The front embossed panel of the Adolphus bottle
Notice the crude embossing and the similarity of the R in Francisco to the R on the  Dr. Bowens Blood Purifier

The Adolphus base has an open pontil and is considered a colored pontiled medicine by medicine collectors
Thanks to Dennis Eastley for the pictures of the Dr. Adolphus
(Part Ttwo of a Three part series)



  1. Just for clarification, the photo of the Adolphus base in the posting is actually the base of the Bowen's and vise versa. The Adolphus has a jagged tubular open pontil where the Bowen's has a metallic pontil. Regards,
    Dale M.

  2. It is no wonder that most of the Dr. Adolphus bottles have been found in Oregon including the example pictured. I had not seen the ad before which indicates California and Oregon as being the destination for "thousands" of orders...where are they all? I know of 5 Dr. Adolphus's in varying degrees of condition. The example pictured is perfect and a deep blue color. DM

  3. One last thing, and I will shut up...not sure if the "C.Morrill" is the same fellow as the "G.P. Morrill" from VC...Maybe a relative, or a typo? DM

  4. Well, at least one person is paying attention

  5. I think I have the pictures correct now...Just wait til you get to be my age Dale!

  6. I believe that I am older than you Rick! I have an open pontil...:) DM