Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How About Some Diggin' Pics!

Check Out This Log Jam !!!!!

 Nice H.C. Hudson Western Spice
Green San Francisco Glass Works w/ a Crudely Topped Spice 
Rare  1880's era Oregon Blood Purifier

A Pile of Broken Dreams
Thanks to our Oregon Amigo for the Photo's
A note from the digger:
By the way thanks for the encouragement on the early pits I have hit…so far the lot has produced, a green SF Glass Works soda, an applied Fleckenstein Mayer pint flask, a green Hudson spice, a green aqua early IXL. Some blacks, pickles, pontiled spices, and the Schnapps. Killer broken JT Daly gins, a broken black large Rosenbaum’s, broken small and large black Hostetters, a Fleckenstein Mayer glop pint in olive green(!) …it has been fun but not epic like the California boys are used to.
I would call it epic -rs


  1. Looks like some manly digging over there. Wow, just fabulous, wow. Thanks so much, looks like you're the only one out digging these days. Were those busted squares of western origin ?

  2. Boy! What a rush that gives, seeing unearthed bottles in the ground. There is no drug or beer that can give you that kind of rush. Great job Dale. Are you and I the only diggers out hunting or just the lucky ones so far.

  3. Glad to see your hitting the 'good stuff' in your ventures! I hope you saved that Black Rosenbaums shard, I'd love to see that one. I've never heard or seen that bottle in black glass!

  4. The California Kids have been quiet, but they did recover a yellow Evans/O'Brien whisky last month.

  5. Love it. Keep em comin.

  6. Did the Evans & O'Brien come out of Yuba City ? First example I've heard of dug there.

  7. Let's see some pics of that yellow Evans !