Thursday, March 28, 2013

March's Favorite Western Bottle Pictures

A  cabinet full of rare western beauties
Two variants of the Henley's IXL bitters
Canyonville show display of near mint insulators
Some of the western whiskies for sale at last year's Auburn show
Yellow green Cundurango
The three variants of the Dr. Renz Herb Bitters
A powerful group of western bitters
Love those curved R's
An interesting western medicine?
The Hirapicra Bitters
BOLD embossing!


  1. I have a pretty decent example of the C. Langley's in Western "fire aqua". Mine isn't quite as crude as the one pictured. For all the Eastern blown clear glass examples of the C. Langley I've seen over the years, I have only seen two of the Western aqua examples. Are they that rare?

  2. These little Langley's are an intresting topic. There are clear vairents of this bottle that are also Western blown ie clear flint and a sort of a clear straw color. They seem to date late 60s from where I've found them.